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Yakiniku Steak Restaurant
open 17:00-22:00Winter season

WAGYU KOBEYA is well-known in Hakuba for it’s Shinshu Premium Wagyu Beef and Kobe Beef, the highest grade of marbled beef you will find !
We also offer a variety of Japanese Washoku & Western style dishes which include Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Sashimi, Tempura and Gyoza.
We also have many dishes suitable for children, Vegetarians and Vegans.
Please do not hesitate to tell us your food allergy. We can arrange our dishes suitable for you.
And a universal design is adopted in WAGYU KOBEYA.
Step-free approach and floor welcome prams and wheelchairs to our restaurant.
Also, we have a private dining room recommended to a big family with many children or a private function.
You can enjoy Japanese BBQ “YAKINIKU” which is a self-cooking style on your table, a very fun and social way to dine !

To customers who drive.

Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited in Japan. Even 1 sip of alcohol will be guilty !
WAGYU KOBEYA is providing free pick-up and drop-off service.
Please leave your car at hotel parking and get our free shuttle.

Free pick-up and drop-off service.

Bookings essential. Please give us an enquiry !